Is VOIP right for you?

Managing an old phone system can be expensive and cumbersome. With hosted PBX you can add users and features without buying expensive equipment. The expense is predictable based on per-user model. Having your phone system managed in the cloud simplifies upkeep. One trusted provider maintains everything, including automatic upgrades. Our team is responsible for managing all the support equipment and software necessary to get you connected.

Hosted VoIP features can seamlessly integrate communications with the rest of your business, from managing a call queue to quality assurance monitoring. A secure web portal provides basic phone functionality while allowing users to control and configure their PBX phones to suit their individual needs. With a few clicks, the user can selectively forward calls from an office phone to a cell phone.

The benefits of Hosted PBX services far outweigh the costs, from more cost-effective calling to no equipment depreciation.  Hosted PBX systems are exceptionally reliable thanks to geographic redundancy. Hosted VOIP relies on redundant data centers to greatly minimize risk of outages. They are capable of rerouting calls to different locations or cellphones in the event of a fire, storm damage, or other disaster.

Hosted PBX’s integrated auto attendant answers calls for you and directs your customers where they need to go when you don’t have staff available to answer calls. The system can also be programmed and advance-scheduled to greet callers with customized messages including holiday closings, inclement weather notices, and virtually any message you would like customers to hear when they call in.

It’s easy to integrate new features with online control panels utilized by IT personnel. With network testing it is possible to detect and compensate for packet loss, jitter, and latency prior to roll-out, ensuring the best possible quality. Hosted PBX can be fully customized to your specifications and the call center module can easily operate at multiple sites or even for home workers.

Scaling up on hosted PBX is as easy as plugging new users into the internet. The system is reconfigured remotely, so you can make changes on-site with ease. There are no additional IT support costs. There are no server installation costs.  All that’s needed are the desk phones and a connection to a current Ethernet infrastructure. Personnel can work from anywhere there is an available Internet connection.

For those who are not ready to ditch the analog handsets they rely on, a hybrid hosted solution can provide access to cloud-based UC and admin capabilities through the same infrastructure as the original phone system.

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